Industrial Degreasing


Cleaning system: UNIVERSAL 81C - DÜRR Ecoclean GmbH
Cleaning agent: ISOPAR
Washing basket dimensions: 620 x 440 x 250 mm

The main features of the cleaning machine: The main advantages of the cleaning system include:

Continuous automatic distillation of the cleaning agent
Fine filtration through candle filters
Ultrasonic cleaning
Special flood tank for fine cleaning

Corrosion Protection

As part of our standard washing process, degreased parts are protected from corrosion for two to three days. As required by the customer, we are able to provide enhanced protection of degreased parts using packaging with anti-corrosion VCI bags or preservation.

Process Inspection

We provide our customers with the option to inspect surface tension using Arcotest ink. If necessary, we can also provide purity tests.

The purity tests are carried out by external laboratories.

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