Pure Galvanic Zinc

Two fully automatic lines, a barrel line and a rack line. All types of passivation and common types of sealing.

Annual throughput of the barrel line: 4,000 tons


A fully automatic barrel line built in 2019. Extended possibility of in-process parameter settings. All types of passivation, common types of sealing.

Annual throughput: 3,000 tons

Stainless Steel Pickling

A manually-controlled line for barrel and smaller hanged parts. For enhanced corrosion protection, the surface of parts can be passivated after the pickling process.  

Annual throughput: 200 tons

100% Final Inspection

The final product inspection is offered as an additional service for extra charge. Upon the customer’s requests, we ensure the inspection of surface treatment, check the uniformity, correctness and functionality of each part and detect any defects and imperfections.

Industrial Degreasing

Industrial degreasing in a continuous cleaning machine with Isopar cleaning agent. Thanks to the options of rocking and ultrasonic cleaning, we offer a suitable solution for the cleaning of parts in projects with high requirements for cleanliness.

Milestones of FEVE Company


Fabien and Valérie Blé established the company FEVE s.r.o.


FEVE buys assets from the French company based in Ostrava, Czech Republic. They tried to preserve as many jobs as possible.


FEVE invested mainly in pre-treatment of the fine-zinc rack line, and they tried to streamline and improve the galvanization process of cast-iron parts.


The biggest investment started that year was the construction of a new barrel line for zinc-nickel alloy and fine zinc. Thanks to the barrel line, the production throughput grew significantly by 40%.

A significant part of investment was also the construction of a new line for stainless steel pickling.


Development of new projects for zinc-nickel, technological innovations and streamlining of production processes.

In Numbers

Distribution by markets

Construction industry
Engineering industry

Geographical distribution of customers

Czech Republic

average number of employees

10 000

tons of material per year


customers per year


years of experience in galvanic processes

Customer satisfaction is very important to us.

We have selected twenty end manufacturers from various industries, who we trust with the projects, on which we cooperate with our clients. We use our extensive experience in the field of galvanizing in the implementation of projects, which are further directed to the end manufacturers in various industries.  
Seznam zákazníků společnosti FEVE s.r.o.

Client Zone

The Client Zone is used as an overview of information about stored goods and for exporting certificates in the PDF format. We do not send certificates together with goods.  

We will generate and send the credentials for the client zone on request.


In recent years, responsible and sustainable business is a crucial topic. For us, the topic of sustainability is no less important, and environmental protection is an important part of our corporate policy. We choose technologies for our processes so that their effect is as environmentally friendly as possible.  The principles of waste sorting and collection are adhered to within the processes. Our employees are trained to handle waste responsibly and to be aware of any consequences of not observing the established procedures. Last but not least, we respect the principles of managing the company’s environmental policy according to ISO 14 001.  

Our new barrel line for zinc-nickel can be taken as a proof since it boasts one of the most ecological modifications of the galvanic process. Thanks to the high efficiency of the galvanic process, our new barrel line saves the environment as well as our customers’ expenses.

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